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IPO should be Buy for in Robux

Hello and welcome back to Equity, venture capital podcast (now on Twitter!) Where we unveil the numbers behind the headlines.

This is the first show, this is the rest of the stock. That means we don’t focus on a single topic like we did with Equity Shot. It’s only fairer.

Danny, Chris and I got together to talk about a few things we can’t ignore:

Our post examines which venture capital firms are likely to take advantage of the latest IPOs.
Presentation of Roblox’s initial public offering and our upcoming debut.
All of them wanted an IPO, including the costs of selling and the broader e-commerce market.
DoorDash’s epic financial data and how COVID helped the grocery supplier enter the Business Hall of Fame.
Resignation of one of Robinhood’s managing directors.
HuffPo buzzfeed connection. And what about media companies in general?

And with this fourth episode of six days, we are on break until Monday. Hugs from the equity crew.

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